This is a new way of navigating ITV's online player. The brief was to create something simple, warm and colourful that can also break up the straight forward structure of the current website. The first treatment is investigates a simple and emotional approach based on the neon lines used in their logo lockup. 

The execution would sit on the main landing page. As the user interacts the line would burst into colours moving organically in a 3D space.  Each different colour represents a certain mood, by hovering over the yellow "Giggles"
“Feel Good” “Mischief” would pop out revealing a specific mood playlist just for you.

The second approach puts your current setting at the centre. You are at home preparing some food and would like to watch something for the right evening. 

Therefore by spinning the "Mood" "With Whom" and "Food Wheels you'd get the perfect playlist selection.

Agency: BBH London | Client: ITV | Role: Lead Designer